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History of the Department

The Department one of the oldest in the Central College, has been in existence from 1882 when Mr. J. Cook who served as the Principal of the College was Professor of Physics. E.P. Metcalfe, student of J.J. Thomson, who was a Professor here from 1908, was appointed as Vice-Chancellor of the Mysore University in 1929. His work with B. Venkatesachar appeared in the Proceedings of Royal Society and a School of Spectroscopic Research was established. It was in what is now called as the Raman Hall in the Central College where C.V Raman gave the first detailed exposition of the Raman Effect on the 16th March 1928. A. Venkatarao Telang, head of the Department from 1937 working then in Atmospheric Electricity, collaborated with the International Polar Year Committee of 1932-33, and started the wireless section. During the war, the Posts and Telegraphs office, Government of India approached this section for the design and testing of power transmitter chokes. The work which was completed within 3 months earned great appreciation. During the time of S. Ramachandra Rao and S. B. Bondade the Department saw phenomenal growth in the student’s strength in the Honors and M.Sc. programmes. In later years research initiatives in Nuclear Physics were boosted by the efforts of N.G Puttaswamy through UGC and CSIR grants. The Department was one of the few in the country then to offer a specialization in Astrophysics after research in this area was initiated in 1990 through the efforts of B.C. Chandrashekar and M.N. Anandaram. In 1989 the Department was shifted to Jnana Bharathi Campus. As on today, The Department has active teaching and research programmes with a faculty strength of 15. ISRO has instituted the Sir M. Visveswaraya Chair in the Department and actively supports research and pedagogy in Atmospheric and Space Science. Research activities of the Department include X-ray Crystallography, NMR / ESR / NQR of solids, Astrophysics research in stellar structure and active galactic nuclei, Glass science, Nuclear and Radiation Physics, Nanophosphor materials, Radiation damage studies in semiconductors, Swift heavy ion interaction with matter, Thin films, Mössbauer spectroscopy of certain magnetic materials, Soft and Biological matter, Ion trap spectroscopy and research in Physics education The faculty has collaborations with national research institutions like IISc, ISRO, RRI, IIA, IUAC, IUCAA, IGCAR, UGC-DAE-CSR, apart from international collaborations with individual faculty.The faculty research is also supported through individual projects from UGC, BRNS-DAE. ISRO and DST. The Department has recently been awarded funding under DST-FIST (Phase-1)

Chairperson: Dr. Vijayakumar H. Doddamani

Tenure:  31-12-2018  to 30-12-2020

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Department of Physics
Jnanabharathi Campus
Bangalore University

Tel: 080 22961471

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A. Course Offered - M.Sc. in Physics

B. Nature of Course - Semester Scheme

C. Duration -4 Semesters (2 years)

D. Intake - 60 + Payment Seats- 10

E. Eligibility:  A candidate, who has passed the B.Sc. Degree examination of this university or of any other university recognized as equivalent, shall be eligible for admission, provided he / she has studied Physics and Mathematics as any two of three cognate subjects and has scored at least 50% aggregate marks in the optional subjects

Sl.  NoNameQualificationsDesignationSpecialization

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1Dr. Sharath AnanthamurthyM.Sc., M.S., Ph.D.ProfessorSoft & Living Matter and Spectroscopy
2Dr. Ramakrishna DamleM.Sc., Ph.D.ProfessorAdvanced MaterialsProfile
3Dr. N. Nagaiah
M.Sc., Ph.D.ProfessorNuclear & Radiation physicsProfile
4Dr.Vijayakumar.H.DoddamaniM.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.ProfessorAstrophysics & Astronomy
5Dr. M.K. Kokila M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.ProfessorAdvanced Materials & CrystallographyProfile
6Dr. A.R. Ushadevi
M.Sc., Ph.D.ProfessorQuantum InformationProfile
7Dr. B. Eraiah
M.Sc., M.Phil, PhDProfessorAdvanced MaterialsProfile
8Dr. B.N.Meera
M.Sc., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorPhysics Education Research
9Dr. Kamsali NagarajaM.Sc., PhDAssociate ProfessorAtmospheric ScienceProfile
10Dr. Renuka C. G.M.Sc., PhDAssociate ProfessorSpectroscopyProfile
11Dr. Basavaraj AngadiM.Sc., M.Phil,  PhDAssociate ProfessorAdvanced MaterialsProfile
12Dr. Sarbari BhattacharyaM.Sc., PhDAssistant ProfessorSoft & Living Matter

 thrust areas of the department

  • Advanced Materials
  • Astrophysics and Astronomy
  • Atmospheric Physics and Space Science
  • Nuclear and Radiation physics
  • Physics Education Research
  • Quantum Information
  • Soft and Living Matter
  • Solid State Spectroscopy

Distinguished Alumni of the Department of Physics

Alumni Association of the Department of Physics, Bangalore University

The students and the parents are the direct stakeholders of any institution of higher education whose feedback and responses are very important for the growth of the institution and the quality of services rendered by the institution. Hence, an Alumni Association of the past students of the Department and their parents has been established in the Department of Physics. The purpose of this association is to invite feedback from the students and parents which would help in maintaining and improving quality of services rendered by the Department.

All those past students and their parents can become members free of cost by giving following details:


Year of passing M.Sc. Physics:

Reg. No.:

Present occupation/employment:

Contact Tel No. and e-mail ID:

The above information may be sent to the Department e-mail ID:


Meetings of the past students and parents will be held in the Department periodically to interact with the teachers.  Meeting schedule will be sent to all members through e-mail.