History of the Department
The Department was started in 1908. Professor F L Usher, a student of Sir, William Ramsay of England was appointed as the first Professor of the Department in 1910. The department was affiliated to the University of Madras until 1916. It attained the status of a University department after the establishment of University of Mysore. It came under the administrative control of Bangalore University in the year 1964. Since its inception the department had specializations in the areas of Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. Biochemistry was introduced in 1973 and Analytical Chemistry specialization as recently as 2006. The development of the department during the past century is due to the efforts of galaxy of teachers that include Prof. M Shadaksharaswamy, Prof. T H Venkata Setty, Prof. G K Narayana Reddy and Prof. K M Sivanandaiah. The leads and impetus provided by these eminent scientists have led to blossoming of research in modern areas of Chemistry. Encouraged by the past glory, the department is striving hard to create a niche for itself in national and international domains of research and teaching.

Chairperson : Dr. V.V. Suresh Babu

Tenure: 11.05.2020 to 10.05.2022

Contact Details

BENGALURU – 560 001,

Tel: 080 22961341

E-Mail id: chemistry@bub.ernet.in

A. Course Offered - M. Sc. in Chemistry

B. Nature of Course - Semester Scheme

C. Duration - 4 Semesters (2 years)

D. Intake - 60 + Payment Seats 9

E. Eligibility  : A candidate must have secured 40% marks in the aggregate and studied Chemistry (cognate subject) securing 50% marks in this subject at the B.Sc level and studied Mathematics at 10 + 2 or Pre - University level.

Sl. No.
1Dr. Mohammed Afzal PashaM.Sc, Ph.DProfessorOrganic ChemistryProfile
2Dr. P. Vishnu KamathM.Sc, Ph.DProfessorInorganic ChemistryProfile
3Dr. PuttaswamyM.Sc, Ph.DProfessorPhysical chemistryProfile
4Dr. V. V. Suresh BabuM.Sc, Ph.DProfessorOrganic ChemistryProfile
5Dr. Noor Shahina BegumM.Sc, Ph.DProfessorPhysical chemistryProfile
6Dr. G. KrishnamurthyM.Sc, M.Phil.,Ph.DProfessorPhysical chemistryProfile
7Dr. Ganga PeriyasamyM.Sc, Ph.DUGC- FRPPhysical chemistryProfile
8Dr. Shanker GM.Sc, Ph.DUGC- FRPOrganic ChemistryProfile
9Dr. Bishwajit PaulM.Sc, Ph.DUGC- FRPOrganic ChemistryProfile
Sl. NoName of the Research ScholarField of ResearchName of the Supervisor
1Mr. Ramesh K B“Synthesis and application of silica based heterogeneous catalysis in some important organic transformations”Dr. M A Pasha
2Mr.Riyaz Ur Rahaman Khan“One-pot, four-component synthesis of some heterocyclic compounds under sonic condition.”Dr. M A Pasha
3Ms. Sumaiya Tabassum“Studies on the synthesis of some N-heterocycles by one-pot multicomponent reactions under microwave irradiation”Dr. M A Pasha
4Mr. G Santhosh   “Studies on the synthesis and application of heterogeneous catalysts in multicomponent reactions”Dr. M A Pasha
5Mrs.Aisha Siddekha“Studies on the synthesis of some biologically important molecules using green techniques.”Dr. M A Pasha
6Ms. Jayanthi K“ Synthesis, structure and reactivity of layered double hydroxides”.Dr. P Vishnu Kamath
7Mr. Supreeth N“ Structural synthons as tools to predict the structures of layered hydroxides”.Dr. P Vishnu Kamath
8Mr. Kiran G K“Electrochemical synthesis of Inoranic materials: Carbonates, Oxides and layered double hydroxides”.Dr. P Vishnu Kamath
9Mr. Shivanna M“Structure, stability and Co2 uptake properties of laytered hydroxides”.Dr. P Vishnu Kamath
10Mr. Krishnamurthy M“Studies on Chemical synthesis of peptidomimetics: synthesis of pseudopeptides containing seleno methylene {p(CH2Se)} modification oas amide surrogate”.Dr. V V Suresh Babu
11Mr.Veladi Pandu Ranga“Studies on Chemical Synthesis of Peptidomimetics: Syntehsis of Amino acid derived Heterocyclic and Acyclic a- Aminophosphonates”.Dr. V V Suresh Babu
12Mr.Girish Prabhu“Studies on Chemical Synthesis of Peptidomimetics: Mimetics related to Selenoureidopeptides”.Dr. V V Suresh Babu
13Ms.Mulge Sharanabai Kupendra“Studies on Chemical Synthesis of Natural Peptides belonging to hirsutella family and selenazole linked unnatural amino acids”.Dr. V V Suresh Babu
14Mr. P Nageswara Rao“ Studies on Chemical Synthesis of Peptidomimetics: Synthesis of N-nrethane protected amino acid derived biguanidines and guanyl ureas”.Dr. V V Suresh Babu
15Mr. Krishnamurthy M S“Investigations on structure directing role of fluorine in crystal packing of pharmaceutically active compounds”Dr. Noor Shahina Begum
16Mr.Prasad N L“An investigation into the synthesis, structural characterization and polymorphic behavior of organic co-crystalline materials”.Dr. Noor Shahina Begum
17Mr.S A Prashanth“Functionalized calixarenes as molecular receptors in toxic metal ion quantification”.Dr. M Pandurangappa
18Mr. G B Venkatesh“Synthesis and Applicatons of some novel1.2-Bis-silylated-cycloalkenes”.Dr. S Hariprasad
19Mr. K Lokesh“Synthesis and Reactions of Some Novel Organosilicon Compounds of Interest”.Dr. S Hariprasad
20Mr. Somashekar M N“ DNA binding and cleavage actifities of bioactive 3d metal complexes”Dr. P R Chethana
21Mr. Srinatha B S“ DNA interaction studies of novel 3d metal complexes with biologically important ligands”.Dr. P R Chethana
22Mrs. Sahana S“Synthesis Characterization of Copper, Zinc and Cobalt metal complexes with biologically important ligands and study of their applications as chemical nucleases and antimicrobial agents”.Dr. P R Chethana
23Mr. Eranjaneya H“Synthesis and characterization of nanostructural metal chalcogenides and metal oxides”.Dr. G T Chandrappa
24Ms. Kusuma M“ Synthesis and characterization of stransition metal oxides/ sulfides via solution combustion synthesis”.Dr. G T Chandrappa
25Mr. Vijaya Kumar G“Synthesis and characterization of Inorganic nanostructured materials”Dr. G T Chandrappa
26Mr.Viswanath B R“ Solge/hydrothermal synthesis of nanostructured materials and their characterization”.Dr. G T Chandrappa
27Ms. Jayashree S“Synthesis and biological evaluation of oxygen, Nitrogen and sulphur heterocycles”.Dr. K Shivashankar
28Mrs. Shamala D“Synthetic Studies on Coumarins of Biological Interest”.Dr. K Shivashankar
29Mr. Jagadish Babu N“Study of Thianthrene cation radical Chemistry”Dr. K Shivashankar
30Mr. Beerappa M“Study of cation Radical induced oxidative Chemistry”.Dr. K Shivashankar
31Bharathkumar H“Synthesis and biological applications of sugar mimetics and glycoside based small molecules”.Dr. Basappa
32Keerthy H K“Synthesis of small molecules against novel drug targets: potential application of bioactive compounds”.Dr. Basappa
33Anil kumar C N“Design and synthesis of novel small molecules that targets nuclear proteins”.Dr. Basappa
34Srinivasa V“Synthesis of small molecules that targets transcriptional regulating factors”.Dr. Basappa
35Anusha Sebastian“Synthesis characterization and biological studies of some novel cyclo alkyl and hetero aryl containing compounds”.Dr. Basappa