Director:: Dr.V.V. Suresh Babu, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry

Tenure: 03.01.2023 to UFO


Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Board (PMEB) is a statutory administrative unit of the university established in the year 2005-PMEB is functioning with the overall planning, monitoring and evaluation of academic, research and development programmes of the university. The Development section of the university comes under the direct control and supervision of PMEB directorate. The PMEB office is working with its own personal secretariat to look after the day-to-day works.

Date of Establishment: 2005.


 This is an important Wing of the University administration.  It is headed by the Director of PMEB who is a Senior Professor and has a considerable supportive staff. Several aspects pertaining to academic planning, research initiatives and scholarship management are all handled by the PMEB.  It also has to oversee various research programmes and ensure planning of financial resources of the University through getting grants from different international, national and state programmes. It also has the responsibility of effective utilization of human resource in the University system. It is helping the university in fund allocation, fund mobilization and streamlining of the scholarships/fellowships disbursement.