Notifications & Circulars of Examination Branch

Letter to the Principals of Affiliated colleges regarding mandatory Evaluation work of UG Examinations of May-June 2019 – Dated 27.08.2019

Sanction of Special Casual Leave to the Teachers who have been appointed for Digital Valuation of 2nd semister UG Examinations of May/June 2019 – Dated 22.08.2019

Registration of students to UGC NAD Portal – Dated 17.05.2019

Reminder to all the affiliated colleges to submit the list of eligible teachers to the Panel of Examiners for UG/PG Exams of the year 2019-20 in all the faculties – Dated 04.05.2019

PG examination fee notification one time measure

Syllabus to be followed by the Old Semester (Register No. 13 & Below) UG Courses students for May-June 2019 Examinations – Dated 25.03.2019

Processing Fee for Examination related  Documents other than Examination Fee for the Academic year 2019-20 – Dated 15.03.2019

Panel of Examiners for UG/PG  courses of all faculties Examinations of  2019-20  – Dated  16.01.2019

Circular to the Principals of affiliated colleges to utilize the services of SAKAALA –  ದಿನಾಂಕ 23.07.2018  

Circular regarding SAKAALA Service in Examination Related queries – Dated  23.03.2018

Notification regarding cancellation of Revaluation Fee concession given to SC, ST & Cat-1 Students – Dated 21.04.2017