Directorate of Students’ Welfare

Director Prof. K. Ramakrishnaiah,
                    Professor, Dept. of Performing Arts


The Office of the Directorate of Students’ Welfare is headed by the Director, Dr. K. Ramakrishnaiah, Department of Performing Arts, Bangalore University, Bangalore-56. The Directorate of Students’ Welfare looks after disbursement of scholarships and free-ships, which contribute to enrich and support student life in campus and also in the constituent colleges maintained and administered by Bangalore University.  This office co-ordinates closely with Finance Section, SC/ST Cell, Development Section, Academic Section, Establishment Section and Examination Section. 

 Activities of the Directorate are as follows :-

Disbursement of Scholarships and Free-ships

Government of India Post-Metric Scholarships are available to students belonging to the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes. Scholarships are paid to the students, whose parent’s/guardian’s income from all sources does not exceed ` 2,50,000/-(Rupees Two Lakhs Fifty Thousand only) per annum. The Scholarship covers Course fee, Examination & Convocation fee and maintenance allowance in case of those who are living in hostels. Day scholars get a lower rate of maintenance allowance.

Post-Metric/ Food & Accommodation/Fee Concession benefits are available for Category I students where their parent’s annual income is  ` 2,50,000/- and ` 1,00,000/- for OBC students are eligible to claim Tuition, Lab, Examination, Sports & Library fees which are reimbursed by the Backward Classes Welfare Department, under Vidhya Siri Plan Scheme.

Categories I, IIa, IIIa, IIIb & other Caste Scholarships are administered by the Backward Classes Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka,  subject to income limit. Benefits include Fee concession / Post Metric Scholarship/Food & Accommodation. Minorities Merit Fund is administered by Minorities Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka.

A student can avail only one scholarship or financial benefit at a time. He/she can choose the more beneficial scheme among those available.  Those students who are availing of free university hostel facilities are not eligible for any other free-ship or scholarship, from the University or Government.

Free hostel facilities are make available for visually and Physically Challenged students.

2. Maintenance of Hostels

The Director is in-charge of all the 12 Hostels which are situated at Jnana Bharathi, Central College, Jayanagar and Kolar run by respective Chief Wardens. Guards provide night security. Saplings are planted in and around the hostel premises.  Painting / white  washing / repair works and purchase of utensils, fans, cots, beds, pillows, tables chairs and the like are done periodically.  

Water heater have been installed in bathrooms for ensuring regular supply of hot water. 

Aqua-guard water filters have been installed for ensuring safe drinking water.

The health care of the students who are residing in the University Hostels is also ensured.

 The total number of students residing in the twelve boys and girls hostels as boarders is, 2201. The university provides boarding and lodging facilities for SC/ST and Category-I students. For Cat-I students, accommodation is given by the University with a condition that they have to pay the maintenance charges sanctioned by the Government.  (Vidyasiri-Food and accommodation Scheme) with financial assistance received from the  Social Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka.

The following benefits are provided / disbursed to hostel students  :

Mess Charges at Rs. 820/- per student/per month which are reimburse by Government.

Extra Boarding & Lodging charges at ` 1,250/- per student/per month ; ` 680/- mess difference amount ` 250/-(Rent, Electricity, water & Cleaning) and (` 300/- Pocket money) – are all claimed  from Bangalore University.

Medical Reimbursement facility -for out-patient students [` 750/- each] and in patient students [` 1500/- each] are claimed from Bangalore University.

 Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Electrical Incinerator (Burning Machine)

First of its kind Bangalore University has introduced Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Electrical Incinerator (Burning Machine) at Ladies Hostel, JB Campus to maintain hygienic conditions to promote health Therefore, an Electric Incinerator for disposing sanitary napkins and a napkin vending machine at lower cost where vending is done automatically by inserting a coin which will improve educational achievements boosting confidence and self esteemed and also to help women self help group to manufacture this material and sell it at low cost. 

Contact Details:

DIrectorate of Student Welfare
Administrative Block
Jnanabharathi Campus
Bangalore University

Tel: 080 22961096