Biological Sciences involves the study of life and living matter in all its diverse forms and phenomena especially with reference to its origin, growth, reproduction, structure and behavior.  It constitutes one of the thrust areas of the 21st century, and is considered as “the fastest growing sector” by socialists, economists and scientific communities across the world. Keeping in pace with the exponential increase in scientific and technological advancements in recent years, it is essential to educate, train and equip the present generation of  biological science graduates with the knowledge and skills which will help to sustain this tremendous advancements. The Department of Biological Sciences aims to live up to this promise of providing quality and affordable education to fulfill the growing demands of both academia and life science-based industries.

Based on the NAAC recommendation, Bangalore University felt the importance of interdisciplinary approach in teaching and research and to bring together all the allied disciplines of Life sciences. As a result, the Department was started during the academic year 2007-2008 with the  aims of making teaching, training and research contemporary and vibrant.


  • Impart high quality, integrated and interdisciplinary Biological Science education in a vibrant academic ambiance with distinguished teachers, support staff and infrastructure.
  • To establish state-of-art student laboratories for training students with modern tools and techniques which will enable them to pursue careers in academia and industry.
  • To nurture scientists who will take up seminal and challenging assignments in Universities, R&D Institutions and Industry. .
  • In addition to the core curriculum, the students will have opportunities to pursue research projects in reputed research establishments jointly supervised by faculties from both Department as well as research institute. .


Co  Ordinator : Dr. M.Shivashankar

Contact Us:

Department of Biological Sciences,
School of Natural Sciences,
Psychology Building,
Jnana Bharathi Campus,
Bangalore University,
Bangalore -560056

Tel: 080 – 22961923


A. Course Offered -

  1. Integrated B.Sc-M.Sc. in Biological Sciences (Five year)
  2. Ph.D. in Biological Sciences
  3. PG Diploma in “Clinical Embryology and Assisted Reproductive Technology” (in collaboration with Momsoon Fertility & I.V.F. centre) (One year)


 B. Course Structure

  • Integrated B.Sc- M.Sc. in Biological Sciences
  1. The course is of 5 year duration consisting of 10 semesters.
  2. The annual intake is 16 regular seats + 04 payment seats + supernumerary seats
  3. Each semester comprises of 16 weeks of class work excluding duration of examination
  • PG Diploma in Clinical Embryology and Assisted Reproductive Technology
  1. The one year long course comprises of 2 theory and 2 practical papers along with a case study – based project-work
  2. Intake : 20 seats + 10 sponsored candidates
  3. There will be 20-25 contact hours per week. This includes theory classes, laboratory sessions/ seminars/ guest lectures/ case studies and hands-on training at I.V.F lab, visit to relevant Institutes/ Organizations


Course Equivalance

Sl. NoNameQualificationsDesignationSpecializationView Profile
 1Dr.H.P.Puttaraju M.Sc., Ph.D., FRESProfessor Insect Pest Research & ManagementProfile
2Dr. Sayandip MukherjeeM.Sc. Ph.D, FLS
Assistant ProfessorMolecular Immunology & Cellular ReprogrammingProfile
  • Prof. Puttaraju has received several research projects worth over crores of rupees from various national funding agencies as detailed below,
  1. Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi (1997-2000) 5.46391 lakhs (Grant No.SP/SO/C-28/95 )
  2. Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi (2002-2005) 13.36 lakhs (Grant No. BT/PR2439/PBD/ID/060/2001)
  3. Bangalore University, Bangalore (2005-2008).6.00 lakhs (Grant No.DEV/D3/Inter-dis/Res.Proj/2004-05)
  4. University grants Commission, New Delhi (2008-2011) 7.32 lakhs. (Grant No F.No.33-381/2007 (SR) )
  5. DST, Govt. of India (2010-2013) 33.72,600 lakhs (Grant No: SR/SO/AS-77/2008,)
  6. Govt. of India INSPIRE SCIENCE CAMP–2011, Rs. 9.75 lakhs (Grant No: SR/INSPIRE/2010)
  7. Govt. of India INSPIRE SCIENCE CAMP–2012, Rs. 13.00 lakhs (Grant No: SR/INSPIRE/ 2011 )
  8. ICMR, Govt. of India (2012-15)36.90,130 L (Grant No:5/8-7(309)V-2011/ECD-11
  9. DAE-BRNS,Govt.of India (2012-15) 17.09,550 L (Grant No.2012 /37B /12 /BRNS /No953)
  10. Govt. of India INSPIRE SCIENCE CAMP–2012, Rs.11.75 lakhs (Grant No:SR/INSPIRE/2012)
  11. Recognized as one of the Investigators of UGC award for Centre for Potential for Excellence in Bangalore University with 5.75 Crore in 2011-12
  12. Instituted UGC financed innovative PG Diploma in Clinical embryology and Assisted reproductive technology, 2013 UGC one time grant for Academic excellence – 2013-15 Rs. 10.00 Lakhs
    • Dr. Mukherjee is a recipient of UGC Start-up-Grant of Rs. 6 lakhs for newly recruited faculty, May 2014.
    • Six students have received 4 SPiCE projects funded by VISION Group on Science and Technology, Department of Information technology and Biotechnology, Government of Karnataka
    • Ref. No. VGST/P-10/SPiCE/2011-12/1069 and Ref. No.  VGST/P-10/SPiCE/2012-13/218
    • Research Output:

      • Prof. Puttaraju has published more than 160 research papers in national and international journals of high repute, have authored 3 books and successfully guided 16 Ph.Ds and 7 M.Phil students.

Researchgate profile

      • Dr. Mukherjee has published 14 original research articles, and 3 review articles alongwith 2 book chapters.

Researchgate profile

      • The broad research areas of the Department are,

Prof. Puttaraju : Insect Molecular Biology and Wolbachia – Host interactions

Dr. Mukherjee : Molecular Immunology and Cellular Reprogramming


  • Three days Workshop on “Recent advances in Biomedical Sciences”, supported by Karnataka Science and Technology Academy, Government of Karnataka. – September, 2013
  • Additionally students are encouraged to conduct Science Workshops to commemorate Annual Science Day celebrations on February 28th every year.
  • The Department has conducted 4 DST-INSPIRE Science Camps for Pre-University students funded by Government of India to motivate the students in Science careers.
  • Seven days Workshops have been organized on “Drug Discovery through bioinformatics tools” in association with Bio-Discovery Group, New Delhi – March, 2014
    • Several eminent Scientists and Academicians within India and abroad continue to visit and deliver talks in the Department.
    • The Department organizes Annual Intra Departmental Sport Meet on various indoor and outdoor sports.
    • The Department with the aid of Rotary RMZ Group has established a Keystone Bio-park and follow environmental  friendly activities in and around the premises of the Department.
    • The Department of Biological Sciences on behalf of Academic Staff College, Bangalore University has conducted three week long Refresher Course in Life Sciences for teachers from various colleges and Universities of India.


      Student Activities:

      • The students are exposed to state of art modern laboratories and taught by highly experienced and qualified retired professors as well young researchers.
      • The curriculum is innovative and fulfills the current academia- industry requirements.
      • Regular workshops, seminars and invited talks by eminent scientists are arranged to keep the students updated about the current trends, techniques and perspectives.
      • A bi-monthly wall magazine (Panorama) highlighting the most recent research breakthroughs in science & technology is published with the joint effort of teachers, students and research scholars of the Department
      • The students are encouraged to take up seminars, attend conferences and participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.



        • Successfully received VGST, SPICE Projects funded by Government of Karnataka (2011 & 2012)
        • Received DST INSPIRE Internship by DST, Govt. of India (2009-2014).
        • Selected for internship program to visit laboratories in, Germany to perform research in the field of gene therapy for 2 months under DFG-DST programme in 2013.
        • Published research papers in national journals during their post graduate program
        • Actively participated in several national and international conferences and have won prizes for oral and poster presentations.
        • Qualified in competitive exams such as, CSIR NET, GATE &, KSET
        • Many students have been awarded with Summer Research Fellowships by Indian Academy of Sciences, 2013 and2014.
        • Research Scholars have actively participated in several National and International Conferences and have received best paper/ best poster awards for their research presentations.


  • There are 5 separate classrooms for each semester and a Seminar Hall.
  • Separate student laboratories (6 nos.) and research laboratories (5 nos.) are  The student and research laboratories are well equipped with modern instruments and facilities.
  • Additionally, there are spacious rooms available for Office (1 no.) Teaching faculties (3 nos.) and nonteaching staff (1 no.)
  • The Department has a lending library (with over 250 books) and Museum
  • The Department is equipped with modern instruments such as micromanipulators, sonicators, deep freezers, Water purifying systems, CO2 incubators, Needle puller, inverted microscopes, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, gradient PCR, Gel Documentation systems to name a few.